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Chromatography Experiments Freezer

Digital Control Chromatography Freezer TF-CX-1(Powder Paint Multi-Function)

Digital Control Chromatography Freezer TF-CX-1(Powder Paint Multi-Function)
  • Model : Digital Control Chromatography Freezer TF-CX-1(Powder Paint Multi-Function)
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  • Product Type : Industrial products series
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Chromatography freezer, also known as the chromatography cabinet and chromatography experimental freezer, is widely used in colleges, universities and scientific research institutions, which work on life science research. It can be used to carry out some experiments to make biochemical chromatography analysis on various enzymes, peptides, macromolecule and nuclein or other experiments which can only be conducted in the low-temperature environment, or is used to refrigerate. Chromatography freezers manufactured by Shanghai Tianfeng is designed to be applied in some program which has high requirements for temperature. It is allowed to operate the chromatography equipment and other simply-constructed devices and equipment in the main body.


Digital Control Chromatography Freezer TF-CX-1(Powder Paint Multi-Function)


1. Specification

1.1 Model                                      TF-CX-1(Powder Paint)

1.2 Temp Range                         2℃-8℃  

1.3 Temp Accuracy                      ±1℃

1.4 Inside Volume                       800L

1.5 Internal Dimension               650×770×1700mm

1.6 External Dimensions           760×865×1940mm

1.7 Shelf Dim.                               550×350mm


2. Main Festure

(1) Imported cold compressor with stable work performance and low noise.

(2) The machine can be cooled down by air, instead of water.

(3) Selectable specifications supporting various operations and 3-tier adjustable open-type steel frame. The multiple-use equipment can be utilized to refrigerate when there is no need for conducting chromatography experiments.

(4) The large space of the cabinet allows people to carry out the chromatography procedures.

(5) The perspective and double-glass door has dewing-proof function.

(6) The inner wall of the cabinet is made of stainless steel, which is clean, beautiful and corrosion-preventive.

(7) There are two fixed posts and two open-type bearing plate.

(8) The Chromatography Freezer is equipped with lighting, sterilamp and internal electric outlet up and down.

(9) A new and imported intelligent temperature-controlled meter is adopted with digitally display during temperature setting and measurement data.

(10) The freezer is equipped with alarm system of temperature difference.

(11) The freezer is equipped with castors, so it is easy to move.





(3)可选多功能型配置,三层可调开放式钢架, 不作层析实验亦可用于样品冷藏保存,一柜多用;







(10)自带差温报警功能 ;



3. Feature

3.1 Low noise and high reliability.

3.2 It can be operated easily and continuously work for a long time in 24 hours.


3.1 噪音低、可靠性高;

3.2 操作简单,可24小时连续长期运转;


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