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Industrial Ultra-low Temperature Storage Refrigerator

Large-Scale Industrial Ultra-Low Refrigerator TF-B80-500W

Large-Scale Industrial Ultra-Low Refrigerator TF-B80-500W
  • Model : Large-Scale Industrial Ultra-Low Refrigerator TF-B80-500W
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  • Product Type : Industrial products series
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Ultra-low temperature freezer, also called ultra-low refrigerating cabinet and ultra-low temperature storage box, has been widely used in scientific research institutions, electronic and chemical enterprise laboratory, blood banks, hospitals, epidemic station and the livestock system to keep in store the medicines, vaccine, enzyme, hormone, stem cells, blood cells, sperm, the transplant skin, samples extracted from human beings, genes of different seed, genes for clone, some paramount biological and chemical reagents, competent escherichia coli, competent cells and phages.


Large-Scale Industrial Ultra-Low Refrigerator TF-B80-500W


一、Technical Parameter

1.1 Model                                              TF-B80-500W

1.2 Volume                                           500L

1.3 Temperature                                  Room temperature~-120℃

1.4 Carrying Capacity                         1000KG

1.5 Cooling Way                                   air cooling

1.6 Size of The Inner Tank                 1000*750*700

1.7 Configuration                                  3500*1150*1250

1.8 Way of Opening                              Cylinder-drive automatic opening

1.9 Way of Temperature Control         PID temperature control and the accuracy ranges within ±0.1℃

1.10 Sensor                                             PT100 platinum resistance,±100℃     

1.11 Indicator Security Protection            

                               Indicator: light for power failure, compressor operation, compressor malfunction and blower malfunction

                      Protection: air switch for preventing electric leak, high and low pressure,under-voltage, phase fault and overload current

1.12  Power                                              Three phases and five wires  380V 50HZ    


二、Main Feature:

●Humanization design, easy to be operated, and all of the components are grounded safely.

●The equipment is featured with the design of large volume and large weight capacity.

●The best working environment for this equipment is the manufacturing shop for mechanical products.

●The large condensation can ensure a better refrigeration performance.

●The temperature controller is under the control of the micro-computer. The controlling temperature is 0.1℃ and it can be adjusted from -20℃ to 125℃.

●The inner temperature and the set temperature is displayed by LED. It can give a alarm when the temperature is ultra low or the equipment break down.

●Tecumseh, GEA and Bitzer compressor has adopted the binary refrigeration technology;

●The equipment has three sealers, the mould thermal layer and polyurethane foam insulator which can provide a better insulation performance; the vacuum insulating plate is equipped in the equipment;

●The temperature difference of  starting and stopping compressor can be controlled;

●The equipment can function well and stably under multiple protective measures.

●Various malfunction alarm system(ultra-low temperature alarm system, sensor alarm system, high pressure alarm system and overheating alarm system)

●The equipment is designed with multifarious protective mechanisms, such as overload protection, high pressure switch, overload relay and thermal protection device.

●The size of the equipment can be customized by the demands of the user and ultra-low refrigerating chamber is also under customer’s choice.(The size of the ultra-low refrigerating chamber ranging within 100 cubic meters)

●Accessories, such as colored touch screen and temperature recorder, are alternative.

●The equipment can be designed and customized according to the practical requirements of the customer.


● 人性化设计,灵活更方便,所有部件均安全接地;

● 大容积设计,大容量承重能力设计;

● 适合机械类生产车间环境使用;

● 超大冷凝设计,保证环境降温效果;

● 微电脑控制,复叠型温度控制器,控温0.1℃,箱内温度范围-20℃~-125℃可调;

● 箱内温度和设定温度采用LED显示,一目了然;可设定超温报警和箱内温度,具有故障提示功能;

● 法国泰康压缩机、德国博客压缩机、比泽尔压缩机,二元复叠过冷制冷技术; 

● 三层密封,模具化断热层,超厚聚氨酯发泡保温层,保温更好;内嵌真空保温板。

● 可设定开启压缩机和关断压缩机温差;

● 开机延时保护、多重安全保护,运行更可靠;

● 多种故障报警(超温报警、传感器报警、高压报警、压缩机过热报警);

● 具有自我诊断功能、冷冻机过载保护、高压压力开关、过载继电器、热保护装置等多种安全保障机能,充分保证使用安全;

● 可定制非标尺寸、超低温冷冻室 (可以生产制造-100℃100立方以内的超低温冷冻室);

● 可选配彩色触摸屏、温度记录仪等配件;

● 可根据用户需求,量身定制。


三、Application scope

1.It can be used in various experiments which test the adaptability, performance and index of materials and components under ultra-low temperature

2.It can be used to refrigerate the metallic materials, refine the crystalline structure inside the metal, eliminate the inner remaining stress and separate out the carbide grain so as to increase hardness, tenacity and the overall mechanical property of the metallic materials.  

3.There is no need to heat it while it can be installed precisely with high quality and is adaptable to many different surroundings.

4.It can be used to test the performance, life span and reliability of components and the complete machine in ultra-low temperature

5.It can be used to refrigerate large-lot products in the food and fishery industry.



2.用于金属材料冷处理,细化金属内部晶相结构,消除内部残余应力 ,并可析出碳化物颗粒,增加增加硬度和韧性,提高金属材料整体力学性能。








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