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Pilot-Type Lyophilizers

Pilot-Type Lyophilizers TF-SFD-2

Pilot-Type Lyophilizers TF-SFD-2
  • Model : TF-SFD-2
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  • Product Type : Industrial products series
  • Product Content :
The pilot-type lyophilizers use silicone oilfor heat conduction,which can guarantee accuracy of high temperature control, and the small temperature difference between all layers of clapboards and between all clapboards. The electronic control system is powerful, which is helpful for both setting freeze-drying technology and matching PLC control system to realize eutectic point test, remote control and other functions. High transparent organic glass door panel is convenient for observing the materials in freeze-drying process


Pilot-Type Lyophilizers TF-SFD-2


一、Technical Parameter:

1.1 Model                                                                                     TF-SFD-2

1.2 Shelf Freeze-Dried Area                                                     0.2m²

1.3 Condenser Capacity                                                           3kg/Wholesale

1.4 Vial Volume                                                                           770(Φ16mm)branch


1.5 Maximum Plate loading liquid                                           4L

1.6 Shelf Dim                                                                               280mm(width) 360mm(long)

1.7 Shelf Spacing                                                                        70mm

1.8 Shelf Layer                                                                             2+1 piece

1.9 Shelf Temp                                                                            -50℃~+80℃

1.10 Shelf Temp.Difference                                                      ±1.0℃(When balance)

1.11 Minimum Temperature Of Vapor Condenser               ≤-70℃

1.12 System Minimum Pressure                                              ≤5Pa

1.13 Cooling manner                                                                  Environment temp≤30(forced air-cooling)


1.14 Power Supply                                                                       220V 50Hz

1.15 Total Power                                                                           3kw

1.16 Weight                                                                                    300kg

1.17 Width                                                                                       800mm

1.18 Depth                                                                                      1000mm

1.19 Height                                                                                     1700mm


*All above data are the standard product parameters of Shanghai Toffon only. Meanwhile, we can customize products according to clients' requirements. The final data in contracts shall prevail.



1.The process of pre-freezing and drying finishes in situ,so it changes the complicated operation and automates the dry process. The equipment is set internal observation window, so drying process is intuition.
2.The machine is manufactured with TP-LCD, which can realize PID intelligent adjustment , so the process of drying can be display by curves and data. And more imformation about drying process can be provided for users.

3.The equipment is adopted with auto-cascade refrigeration technology. Imported brand compressor can ensure the equipment running with low noise,large refrigerating capacity and large capturing water capability and reduce the freezing-drying time.

4.Square shelf is not easy to distort but easy to operate and clean. The drying chamber adopts transparent organic glass door, so the changing process of material is clear.

5.Cold trap and working face are made of stainless steel, so they are anticorrosive and easy to clean.

6.Self uses silicon oil as the medium. The temperature error is within 1℃ and the drying effect is uniform.

7.The self temperature is adjustable, controllable, explorable pilot test and production technology.

8.The equipment is set with inflation valve, so it can be filled with dry inert gas.

9.The equipment is assembled with selectable eutectic point test device and selectable automatic plugger.

10.The equipment is assembled with selectable temperature recorder.












三、Technical services:

1. The usual standard configuration is basic touch screen operating system, but the PLC system and Ethernet remote control system also are optional according to clients' requirements.

2. Clients can select cooling method--air cooling or water cooling according to their own requirements.

3. We can design lyophilizers according to the conditions of clients' plants.

4. Clients can select different technology configurations by their own requirements.

5. Clients can select the type of vacuum pump according to their own requirements.








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