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Production Lyophilizers

Large-Sacle Lyophilizers TF-SFD-300

Large-Sacle Lyophilizers TF-SFD-300
  • Model : Large-Sacle Lyophilizers TF-SFD-300
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  • Product Type : Industrial products series
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The production lyophilizers, produced by Shanghai Tianfeng, have mature manufacturing technique, excellent temperature control technique and ultimate ultra low temperature, which can be widely used in biology, foods, chemical engineering, health care products, production of traditional Chinese medicines with western methods and other fields.


Large-Sacle Lyophilizers TF-SFD-300


一、Technical Parameter:

1.1 Model                                                          TF-SFD-300

1.2 Shelf Area                                                  30m²

1.3 Shelf Freeze-Dried Area                          29.7m²

1.4 Bottling Number                                       133600 Individual/Φ16MM

                                                                                         68300 Individual/Φ22MM

1.5 Bulk Solution                                              590L

1.6 Shelf Dim                                                    1515mm(width) 1520mm(depth)

1.7 Shelf Layer                                                  13+1 Individual

1.8 Shelf Spacing                                             100mm

1.9 Shelf Temp                                                  -55℃~+70℃

1.10 Cool Trap Coil Temperature                  -70℃

1.11 Maximum Dewatering                              640kg

1.12 Compressor                                              S6G-30.2Y*3

1.13 Vacuum Pump                                           E2M275

1.14 Roots Pump                                               RH1200

1.15 Circulating Pump                                      CNF50

1.16 Water ring Pump                                        LEM150

1.17 Main Valve Caliber                                     700

1.18 Heating                                                         60

1.19 Ultimate Vacuum                                        1Pa

1.20 System Leakage Rate                                0.1 PA.m³/S

1.21 Total Power                                                  182kw

1.22 Cooling Water                                              42m³/H

1.23 Compressed Air                                          0.6~0.8 Pa

1.24 Long                                                               6600mm

1.25 Width                                                              2600mm

1.26 Height                                                            4600mm

1.27 Equipment Weight                                       31000kg

1.28 Pure steam Consumption                         380kg

1.29 lnjection Water                                              280L/M



1.The process of pre-freezing and drying finishes in situ,so it changes the complicated operation and automates the dry process. The equipment is set internal observation window, so drying process is intuition.
2.The machine is manufactured with TP-LCD, which can realize PID intelligent adjustment so the process of drying can be display by curves and data. And more imformation about drying process can be provided for users.

3.The equipment is adopted with auto-cascade refrigeration technology. Imported brand compressor can ensure the equipment running with low noise,largerefrigerating capacity and large capturing water capability and reduce the freezing-drying time.

4.Square shelf is not easy to distort but easy to operate and clean. The drying chamber adopts transparent organic glass door, so the changing process of material is clear.

5.Cold trap and working face are made of stainless steel, so they are anticorrosive and easy to clean.

6.Self uses silicon oil as the medium. The temperature error is within 1℃ and the drying effect is uniform.

7.The self temperature is adjustable, controllable, explorable pilot test and production technology.

8.The equipment is set with inflation valve, so it can be filled with dry inert gas.

9.The equipment is assembled with selectable eutectic point test device and selectable automatic plugger.

10.The equipment is assembled with selectable temperature recorder.













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