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Food Lyophilizers

Middle-Sized Food Lyophilizers TF-FZG-100

Middle-Sized Food Lyophilizers TF-FZG-100
  • Model : Middle-Sized Food Lyophilizers TF-FZG-100
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  • Product Type : Industrial products series
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Food freeze dryer is also called food vacuum freeze dryer, food lyophilizers, freeze drying equipment. Because food vacuum freeze dryer(food freeze dryer) has advantages other dry methods can not compare, it has become more and more popular since food vacuum freeze dryer was produced. Food freeze dryer is widely used in food fields.


Middle-Sized Food Lyophilizers TF-FZG-100


一、Technical Parameter:

1.1 Model                                                                          TF-FZG-100

1.2 Shelf Freeze-Dried Area                                          10㎡

1.3 Shelf Temp                                                                 -30℃~+80℃

1.4 Shelf Temp.Difference                                              ±1℃

1.5 Cool Trap Coil Temperature                                    ≤-35℃

1.6 Dewatering                                                                  120kg

1.7 Ultimate Vacuum                                                        10Pa

1.8 Cooling Water(≤25℃) Flow Volume                        8T/H

1.9 Defrosting Method                                                       Spray+Water flooded

1.10 Use Environment                                                       temperature5℃~-30℃   

                                                                                                             relative humidity<75%

1.11 Total Power                                                                  40kw

1.12 Equipment Installation Area And Height                 35x2.5㎡x m



1.The process of pre-freezing and drying finishes in situ, so it automates the dry process and easy to operate.

2.Cyclic medium is in the shelf. The temperature is adjustable and temperature error is within 1℃, so it will make freezing and heating effect more uniform.

3.The machine can be operated by TP-LCD and controlled by PLC, so it can monitor the running conditions of equipment in real time.

4. The equipment can be connected with computer and store freeze-drying curves by remote control.

5.The equipment is integral-designed, so it is easy to transport and install, besides it can save space.

6.The machine can be connected with CIP (clean in space) , SIP(sanitization in place) and hydraulic plug system.





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