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Programmable Cooler

Embryo Freezer TF-PA-II

Embryo Freezer TF-PA-II
  • Model : Embryo Freezer TF-PA-II
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  • Product Type : Industrial products series
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Embryo freezer,also called programmable cooler, program freezer, is a high-technology product which uses liquid nitrogen to cool. The cooling rate is more than 100 times faster than normal products and temperature drops from 0℃ to -100℃ in only 3 minutes.


Embryo Freezer TF-PA-II


      How embryo freezer cool? The key here is liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is a kind of inert liquidPressurizing by compressor makes its pressure exceeds 20PA.. When pressure is larger than 20PA, liquid nitrogen fuses rapidly and its chenical property becomes very active.Embryo freezer has a setter(key technology), through which can let out extruding pressure into condenser rapidly and then the condenser absorbs cooling capacity quickly. Temperature dropping needs a high request of machine, material selection and controller. Because of company secrets, Tianfeng can only say proudly,we are the real leader in domestic embryo refrigeration industry. We can not only research independently in principle, but can also innovate and try bravely. We have achieved outstanding effect and applied for a patent.




1.Main technical indicators:

Model:                                TF-PA-II

Temp Control Range:     40℃~-150℃

Temp Accuracy:                error within 0.5℃

Cooling Rate:                     in the range from 0.1℃/min to 40℃/min

Heating Rate:                     in the range from 0.1℃/min to 30℃/min


2.Instrument structure

The instrument is made up of following four parts.(standard configuration)

(1)Microcomputer System: inner freezing control card, just running related software when freezing.

(2)Freezer: The freezer is made of stainless steel structure inside and outside. Freezing volume is not smaller than 200*200*200mm. The freezer can contain 160 cryovials and 8 blood bags in the same time.

(2)Liquid Nitrogen Container And Liquid Nitrogen Pressurizer: Liquid nitrogen pressurizer is installed on the 30 liquid nitrogen container to realize the self-pressurization in the container and maintain the pressure stability of control valve.



微机系统: 内置冷冻控制插卡,冷冻时只要运行有关软件即可..

冷冻箱:  内外全不锈刚结构.冷冻容机不小于200*200*200毫米.可同时容纳冷冻管160个或血袋8个.

液氮罐及液氮加压器: 液氮加压器安装在30立升的液氮罐上,使罐内自增压,调节阀保持压力稳定.


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