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Constant Temperature Slot

Super Thermostatic Bath 6L

Super Thermostatic Bath 6L
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Shanghai Tianfeng constant temperature slot has three types, thermostatic bath(TF-HX series), super thermostatic bath(TF-CH series) and low temperature thermostatic bath(TF-DC series). Super thermostatic bath has two series, 6L series and 15L series.


Super Thermostatic Bath 6L


1.Product Introduction:

       CH series super thermostatic bath is adopted with microcomputer intelligent control system and imported PT100 temperature sensor. The machine has the function of broken accidentally protection and overtemperature alarm. The temperature fluctuation can achieve ±0.05℃ ,display resolution can reach 0.1℃ and pumping flow is 8L/min.  Inside groove and box are all made of high quality stainless steel material. Circulating pump is set to lead out thermostatic liquid in the slot and set up second constant temperature field.

       In the super thermostatic bath series, TF-CH-1006 is a specialized thermostat designed for rotating viscosimeter. 200ml beaker can be put into Φ70 opening and fixed by supporting structure. The liquid temperature in the slot is transmitted to tested samples, so the rotor of the rotating viscosimeter can be put into beaker conveniently to test.

       There are many specifications in the series. Customers can select according to temperature range(100、150、200、300℃)and inner volume(6、15L).  Whatever you need internal circulation or external circulation, you can select one from numerous high temperature thermostats to achieve high-efficiency heating. The series is wearproof and anti-corrosive. The operating temperature is up to 300℃.






2.Product usage:

        CH series super thermostatic bath produced by Shanghai Tianfeng is widely applied in bioengineering, medicine, food, chemistry, metallurgy, chemical analysis, oil and other fields. The machine can provide users a high-precision, controlled, temperature-uniform and constant field source.The machine also can provide users a fluid environment that hot and cold can be control and temperature is regular and constant when working in institute, colleges and universities, factory laboratory and measure quality inspection department.


        上海田枫CH系列超级恒温槽广泛适用于生物工程、医药、食品、化工、冶金、化学分析、石油等领域,为用户提供一个高精度的、受控的、温度均匀的恒定场源,是研究所、高等院校、工厂实验室、质检部门, 为用户工作时提供一个冷热受控,温度均匀恒定的液体环境。


3.Typical Application :

         viscometer , spectrophotometer , refractormeter, metrology





<1>The machine is adopted with microcomputer temperature control, PID adjustment and self - tuning control technology. The temperature can be test by imported platinum resistance, which has high temperature control accuracy, small fluctuation, break-even display function and Over-temperature alarm function. The machine can provide multiple security measures.

<2>The machine can drop the temperature rapidly and reliably.

<3>Setting and testing temperature can be displayed by two digital windows. Setting temperature, actual temperature, working condition and other information are clear and distinct.

<4>Circulating pump can lead out thermostatic liquid to set up a second constant temperature field.

<5>High-performance mixer motor with low noise, low heat radiation, totally closed and long life.








5.Technical Parameter






Temp Range(℃)





Temp Fluctuation(℃)

±0.05(water or ≤100mpa.s silicone oil)


Display Resolution(℃)


Inner Dim.(L)


Openings Size×Depth


Pump Circulation Mode

inner circulation, outer circulation

inner circulation

Pump Flow(L/min)


Control Method

Microcomputer temperature control, self-integral PID adjustment

Temperature Sensor

platinum resistance Pt100

Working Voltage


Total Power(kW)


External Dimension(mm)



Square stainless steel liner, stainless steel platen, setting and testing are displayed respectively


6.Environmental Requirement

<1>Thermostatic bath should be set on sturdy table.

<2>he machine is vibration-free and it does not release harmful gas.

<3>Room temperature should be relatively stable, not fluctuant, otherwise it will affect temperature control accuracy. The room temperature should be set at 25℃.

<4>Thermostatic bath requires constant upkeep, especially when cooling rate slows down after working for some time. You should discharge the plastic sheet of the thermostatic and clean the dust on compressor and  heating panel.







7.Function Introduction on how to select and configure temperature in or out thermostatic bath.

        The water channel has the inner and outer circulation function(adopted with external Lengthened PT100 temperature sensor ).  Isothermal experiments can be done in slot and can also be led out to set up a totally-enclosed second constant temperature field. When it is used as a second constant temperature field, users can accurately measure and control the temperature in the field by internal and external temperature sensor behind the machine.




8.Method of Application

        When only doing constant temperature experiments in the water channel, just tuning the temperature switch to internal temperature.

        When need to set up a second constant temperature field, tuning the temperature switch to internal temperature and setting the slot temperature to desired temperature after connecting the equipped external temperature sensor to the machine. When meter display temperature is stabilized for 10 to 20 minutes, tuning the temperature switch to external temperature. Now the thermostatic bath can accurately control the second constant temperature field by external PID temperature control meter.






          Don’t tuning the temperature setting switch to external temperature directly,lest it will lead internal temperature too high because external temperature is heating up slowly, and then cause accidents.




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