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Constant Temperature Slot

Low Constant Temperature Water Bath 20L

Low Constant Temperature Water Bath 20L
  • Model : Low Constant Temperature Water Bath 20L
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  • Product Type : Industrial products series
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Low constant temperature water baths produced by Shanghai Tianfeng (TF-DC series) is classified into 5 different series: 6L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 30L, and every series is divided into many different boxes.


Low Constant Temperature Water Bath 20L


1.Feature Of Low Constant Temperature Water Baths:

(1) The machine adopts microcomputer temperature control, PID adjustment and self - tuning control technology. The temperature can be test by imported platinum resistance, which has high temperature control accuracy, small fluctuation, break-even display function and Over-temperature alarm function. The machine can provide multiple security measures.

(2) Setting and testing temperature can be displayed by two digital windows. Setting temperature, actual temperature, working condition and other information are clear and distinct.

(3) The inner mixing pump of the table all adopt 304 stainless steel, so it is well-made and can effectively avoid corrosion, rust and other phenomena.

(4)Totally enclosed brand compressor ( lower than -40℃ or 30L series adopts imported compressor ) has high refrigerating efficiency, heating and cooling rate which is quick, stable and reliable and low noise.

(5) High-performance mixer motor with low noise, low heat radiation, totally closed and long life.

(6) There are folding handles on both sides, so it is easy to move.

(7) Circulating pump can lead out thermostatic liquid to set up a second constant temperature field.










2.Technical Parameter Of Low Constant Temperature Water Baths

20L series







 Temp Range(℃)






Temp Fluctuation(℃)

±0.05(25℃,the medium is water or alcohol)

Display Resolution(℃)


Inner Dim.(L)


Openings Size×Depth


Pump Circulation Mode

inner circulation, outer circulation

Pump Flow(L/min)


Control Method

Microcomputer temperature control, self-integral PID adjustment

Temperature Sensor

Platinum resistance Pt100

Refrigerating Method


Working Voltage


Total Power(kW)


External Dimension(mm)



Square stainless steel liner, stainless steel platen, setting and testing are displayed respectively


3.Environmental Requirement Of Low Constant Temperature Water Baths

(1).The thermostatic bath should be placed on a sturdy work table.

(2).No vibrations and harmful gas.

(3).The room temperature should be relatively stable, not fluctuant, otherwise it will affect temperature control accuracy. The room temperature should be set at about 25℃,(especially the thermostatic bath of -40℃, -65℃ and -80℃). If the room temperature is too high, it will affect the heat dissipation of compressor, low the refrigerating efficiency and easy to cause troubles.

(4)Thermostatic bath requires constant upkeep, especially when cooling rate slows down after working for some time. You should discharge the plastic sheet of the thermostatic and clean the dust on compressor and heating panel.







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