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Minitype lyophilizers

Minitype Food Vacuum LyophilizerTF-LFD-6A

Minitype Food Vacuum LyophilizerTF-LFD-6A
  • Model : TF-LFD-6A
  • Brand : Toffon
  • Product ID :
  • Product Type : Industrial products series
  • Product Content :
The small in-situ lyophilizers produced by Shanghai Tianfeng are adopted with imported configuration, which is characterzied by stability and reliability and many other advantages, such as good-looking appearance, small volume, light weight and easy operation. They can be widely applied to many fields, such as foods, biological products, chemical engineering, traditional Chinese medicinal materials and health care products.


The Parameter Of Minitype Intelligent In-Situ Lyophilizers Produced By Shanghai Toffon


1.Technical Parameter:

1.1 Model                           TF-LFD-6A

1.2 Lyophilizing Acreage                0.6㎡

1.3 Cold trap Temperature              -60℃

1.4 Ultimate Vacuum                   10Pa

1.5 Material Handling Capacity           6~8kg/Wholesale

1.6 Shelf Spacing                      50mm

1.7 Power Supply                      220V;50HZ

1.8 Power                            4500W

1.9 Equipment Weight                  120Kg

1.10 Shelf Dim                         300*400mm;5 floor

1.11 External Dimensions                70*80*130cm



2.Main Feature:

1.Patented products with advanced technology.

2.The products are beautiful and fashionable and the dimension is small.

3.Operate on touch screen, one key start and automatical control freeze-drying process, easy and convenient operation.

4.Set and real-timely adjust freeze-drying technology by requirement and show the freeze-drying data and curve.

5.The imported key components are characterzied by low noise, great power, high quality and high performance.

6.Advanced system, small running current and low energy consumption.

7.Dish and inner tank are made of SUS304 stainless steel, which guarantees the safety of product.

8.Fast defrosting technique and automatic protection for overheat.

9.The transparent organic glass door is helpful in observing the freeze-drying process of materials.




2. 美观时尚,尺寸小巧;

3. 触摸屏操作,一键启动,冻干过程自动控制,轻松方便;

4. 可自主设定和实时调整冻干工艺,可显示冻干数据和冻干曲线;

5. 关键零部件进口品牌,小噪音、大能力,高质量保证高性能;

6. 系统先进,运行电流小,能耗低;

7. SUS304不锈钢物料盘和内胆,安全有保障;

8. 透明有机玻璃门,直接观察物料冻干过程;

9. 快速除霜技术,超温自动保护。

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