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Laboratory Lyophilizer

Laboratory LyophilizerTF-FD-27(gland type)

Laboratory LyophilizerTF-FD-27(gland type)
  • Model : TF-FD-27(gland type)
  • Brand : tfsye
  • Product ID :
  • Product Type : Industrial products series
  • Product Content :
The laboratory lyophilizer series, produced by Shanghai Tianfeng, include ordinary type, cover type, branch manifold type, and T fixture, which are suitable for the freeze drying thermosensitive substances, such as serum, plasma, antibody, vaccines, drugs and microorganism, the plant extracting for bioresearch, and drying nano-particles, colloid, power, foods, plants and cultural relics in non-biological field.



1. Brief Introduction:

The full name of the lyophilizers are freeze dryer, also called refrigerated dryer. They can be sorted into two fields: laboratory and industry according to application.


The TF-FD laboratory lyophilizers series are in the field of the biological laboratory products. The freeze-drying technology is mainly be used in the drug production of serum, plasma, vaccine,  enzyme, antibiotic, hormone, etc. The freeze-drying technology can be used in the medicine inspection of biochemistry, immunology and bacteriology. It can also be used in blood, bacteria, artery, skeleton, skin, cornea, nerve tissues, the long-stem storage of organs, etc.


The TF-SFD production square lyophilizers series are large-scale lyophilizers which are used in industrial production. The equipment has good temperature stability and freeze-drying effect. The pre-freeze dry is preceded in situ, which can reduce the complex operation of the drying process to realize freeze-drying automatically. Square lyophilizers are mainly used in industrial processing, such as food dehydration, soup bases, vegetables, instant food, instant, meat, etc.







2. Feature:

The equipment is adopted with imported all-seal refrigerant compressor with low temperature and high capturing water capability. The machine can be cooled down by air, instead of water.

Vacuum connection is adopted with international standard parts, which is easy to dismantle or install and has reliable sealing performance.

Cold trap temperature and sample vacuum are both used LED digital to display, which is brief and clear.

The touching soft key which is specifically designed can set various functions fast and accurately. The operation is easy and convenient.

The transparent bell-type drying room is natural heating, safe and visual.

The stainless steel sample holder is designed specially. Normal sample tray is space adjustable and the layers can be set freely.

The stainless steel cold trap and mesa is clean, hygeian, beautiful and corrosion resistant.



■ 采用进口全封闭制冷机组,温度低,捕水能力强。采用风 冷方式散热,不需水冷却;

■ 真空连接采用国际通用标准件,拆卸安装简易方便,密封性能可靠;

■ 冷阱温度及样品真空度均采用LED数字显示,简洁明确;

■ 特定设计的触摸软键可快速准确地实现各功能设置,操作简单方便;

■ 透明钟罩式干燥室,自然加热,安全直观 ;

■ 特殊设计的不锈钢样品架,普通型样品盘间距可调,层数自由设定;

■ 不锈钢冷阱和台面,清洁卫生,美观耐腐蚀。


3. Technical Parameter:

1.1 Model                        TF-FD-27(gland type)

1.2 Condensing Temperature         <-80℃

1.3 Vacuum                       <15Pa(no load)

1.4 Freeze-dried Area               0.11㎡

1.5 Capturing Water Capability       6Kg/24h

1.6 Sample Plate                   Φ220mm×3 layers

1.7 Power Supply Requirements       220V 50Hz

1.8 Power                         2200W

1.9 Dimension                     1200mm×550mm×880mm (not include drying room)


三、 技术参数

1.1 型    号       TF-FD-27(压盖型)      

1.2 冷凝温度       <-80℃

1.3 真 空 度       <15Pa(空载)

1.4 冻干面积       0.11㎡

1.5 捕水能力       6Kg/24h

1.6 样 品 盘       Φ220mm×3层

1.7 电源要求       220V 50Hz

1.8  功   率       2200W

1.9 主机尺寸       1200mm×550m×880mm(不含干燥室)

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